A Poem for Saturday

A challenge given,
Challenge accepted.
Write an epic
Poem of many lines.

Dream of Beowulf,
Write of Arthur,
Sigurd and Gudrun
All on the page.

His poem all done
In an evening.
Hers waits til
Morning light.

Dreams filled with
Valkyries.  Swans in
Flight.  White wings
Filling the dawn sky.

Rudely awoken.
Youngest son sick on
The floor, and in
The bed.

Coffee drunk time
To work.  Spring
Clean, dust bunnies
Swept up, winter dust
Wiped away.

Lunch eaten time
For tea.  Thoughts drift
To the poem.  Time
To write it.
Sit down at the keys

Since you are here
He asks, can you
Help with the beer brewing
Of course she says
Up and down, liquid
Pouring into the
Glass. Children fuss.

Patience drips away
Valkyries here and
Then gone, lost in the

Instead of an epic
Battle, a poem
About Saturday
At home.


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