Notes From a First Time Front Yard Farmer: Are they Really Khaki Campbells?

When we got our ducklings at the animal swap, the lady we bought them from said they were Khaki Campbells.  I hadn’t done any research on duck breeds yet, so I believed her.  They were small, had little tufts on their heads, and were black and yellow.  You can see them in the picture below.  The other ducks in the picture are the seven Cayuga ducks I had ordered off the internet.

Hermione and McGonagall

In a fit of optimism, I figured if I gave them both girl names, they would be hens.  The kids and  I named them Hermione and McGonagall after two of our favorite Harry Potter characters.  We named the Cayuga ducks after ladies from Star Wars, but, since they all looked alike, we wound up calling them the little black ducks.

I was really excited about having two Khaki Campbells.  After getting them home, I went and researched the breed, learning about their ability to potentially lay as many eggs as a commercial chicken.  I also read they are brown in color, hence the name.  I looked at my ducks, and pictures of Khaki Campbells, and realized what I really had were two mutts.  Judging from pictures of other mixed ducks on, I figured I probably had a Khaki Campbell/Pekin mix.  And you know what?  I decided that was just fine.  If I had really wanted all pure bred, I’d have just stuck with the Cayuga ducks.  McGonagall and Hermione (who turned out to be Herman) had great personalities, and I could tell them a part.
Lesson learned: Animal swaps are great, but you have to figure your chickens and ducks are of mixed breed.  It’s like going to the pound, you aren’t entirely sure what you have, but whatever it is, it will work just fine.


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