Notes From a First Time Front Yard Farmer: What’s In a Number Anyway?

I shocked my husband the other day when I reminded him we were get 21 ducklings at the beginning of May, and 6 goslings.  He stared at me, and sputtered, “I thought you were getting 15 ducklings and 6 goslings.”

“No,” I reminded him.  “I ordered 15 Saxony ducks, but had to get 5 more so we didn’t get charged an arm and a leg for shipping.”  I think he thought it was an early April Fool’s joke.  No fooling around here folks, it really is 21 ducklings, not a deck of cards.

I will admit I have been saying 15, 5, and 6, which does seem to lessen the impact a bit.  When you do the math, it does start to sound like a lot – 27.  At the beginning of May there will be 27 fur balls peeping in my living room, and in the back room, which does sound a bit extreme.  I guess I’m the crazy duck lady, instead of a crazy cat lady.  Unlike cats, though, at the end of the summer we will eat some of these ducks, and a goose or two.  Next year some of them will hopefully go broody so I will have own ducklings, instead of purchasing them.  If they don’t, we’ll invest in an incubator.

It is time to put our 6 acres to use.  Before that, however, we need to find the dry part.  I was thinking the front yard would work great, but the kids put up a fight since that is where they like to play.  They have a fort out there, and a dragon lagoon, and are reluctant to give it up.  After much discussion, and walking around the house, my husband and I have decided the back yard will do.

The back of the house.  There is a lot o clearing to be done, but I think it will work.
The back of the house. There is a lot of clearing to be done, but I think it will work.

We can put the duck and goose house near the shed, which will make it easier for getting food and hay.  Hauling water is going to be a bit of an issue in the winter, but we can get a sled for the buckets and a wagon for when it is snow free.  There’s a bunch clearing that will have to happen for the fencing.  Some trees will have to get cut down, and digging will commence.  I could go through the list of future chores, but I’m not even sure where to start.  For now, it is time to round up every available container that can be used as a brooder, and start getting ready for the duck and goose invasion.


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