Notes From a First Time Front Yard Farmer – Just Have Patience!

I was checking my email this morning when I saw I had a message from the company I bought my goslings from.  They are having a sale on 15 random hatchery ducklings.  I was seriously tempted.  My sons and I have been going to the animal swap for the past two weekends, and so far, no ducks.  There are tons of chicks, quail, pigeons, rabbits, more goats than I have seen in past years, and even piglets, but no baby ducks.  Needless to say, I was about to hit the buy button, when I thought I should check in with my husband first.  Surprise yarn in the mail is not too big a deal, poultry is another thing all together.

“So, what do you think of 15 random ducklings?” I asked him.

Dave looked at me.  “What are you talking about?  You can’t just start a sentence like that.  It’s like saying you have a great story, begin with Once Upon a Time, and go no further.”

I explained that I had gotten an advertisement for 15 random hatchery ducklings for $80 and they would ship in the next two weeks.  He said we should wait for the animal swap, and I said we have bombed out the last two weekends.  Dave then noted we currently have 10 birds in the house, and are outnumbered by 2 to 1.  There are 14 birds outside, bringing the ratio of birds to people up even higher.  I laughed, “Are you expecting a poultry uprising?”  Imagining the chickens and ducks dressed up as British recoats with little scarlet jackets and brass buttons, toting long rifles, and canons, and lining up in formation.  I wondered if that put us on the side of George Washington.

He looked at me, “Have you read Animal Farm?”

I admitted I hadn’t.

“Well, I have.  It’s not good when the people are outnumbered.  Not to mention, we wouldn’t keep all the ducks.  It’s a random assortment, and you just need to be patient.”

I conceded he could be correct.  However, if there are no ducks at this week’s animal swap, all bets are off.


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