Wine Bottles and Broomsticks

Well, this week I have another book review for you. Next week, I’ll talk more about the farm in the front yard, namely all the uses for the orange nylon string that holds the hay bales together.

It can be fun being the wife of an aspiring writer. You get to see, well, actually, hear, the story begin as a thought, and move into a full blown book. Sometimes, they even let you put your two cents into their story idea. Wine Bottles and Broomsticks is one such tale. One day my husband came home talking about work, and a conversation he’d had with a co-worker. She’d said something about a witch hunt, and he’d had this thought, “The problem with a witch hunt, is that sometimes you find one,” and Wine Bottles and Broomsticks was born.

This is a story about Rick Basket, a social media fraud investigator, who’s terrible at his job, and unhappy in his marriage. One day he comes into work to find his desk has been cleared, and he has been transferred to a secret unit – the paranormal crimes investigation squad. Primarily, his new job, with his experienced partner Finton, is to investigate and hunt down witches. Rick quickly learns that witches aren’t the ladies with warty noses, pointy hats, and buckled shoes. When looking for the modern day witch Finton tells Rick, “She’s always the one your eyes chases down the street, I can tell you. Think heels, think sundresses, and expensive shoes, think football-mum.”

When reading this book, it really reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, with a bit of Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore humor thrown in for good measure. It’s full of laughs and capers as Rick and Finton try to hunt down witches, often ending with a slap for nabbing the wrong gal. The story is both a metaphor about the saying, “This is a witch hunt,” and a literal witch hunt. Because witches are all over this story, trying to kill Rick, and escape Finton at the same time.


Well, there’s a minor problem. It’s not available just yet. That’s where you, the intrigued reader, comes in. Wine Bottles and Broomsticks needs support to be edited and put into print. Here’s how it works, go out to and pre-order. If Dave gets 250 pre-orders by mid-November, the book will be published and you will receive either an e-book copy or a signed hard-copy. If 750 copies are sold, the book will be fully published and inkshares will help him market it. If neither of the goals are reached, it won’t be published and everyone who supported this effort will be refunded. Dave still needs a lot of support, so go and check it out, the first few chapters are up for you to read. Help an Alaskan Author.


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