Poem – Talked Over

My words do not matter.

I have no thoughts,

No stories of my own.

I am just part of this chair.

An ugly flower hanging on the wallpaper.

Someone to occasionally be taken off the shelf, and put back.

To be seen, but not heard.


4 thoughts on “Poem – Talked Over

    1. I’m okay. Just a couple experiences I had this week where I was talked over like I wasn’t even there. It made me feel really grumpy, but I figure this happens to everyone. Dave says my speech patterns are off because I have a weird mix of southern and midwest, and so it screws me up in conversation.

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      1. That’s still no reason for people to be rude. I can relate, the same thing happens to me quite often. Perhaps you’re right, and it happens to everyone from time to time. Still no fun.

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