Joy in the Little Things

There are days where the world catches up to me, and leaves me feeling heavy and sad. I feel lost and alone, and hopeless, but, sometimes, I get lucky, and things remind me there is still good, I just have to look.

I was feeling that way this morning when I went outside to let out the birds, and dump a couple cartons of red worms into the various hay piles. They are supposed to be good for compost, so I figured they would like helping to breakdown the goose and duck poop. While I was standing in the woods, I saw a robin fly into the crook of a Birch, and fly out again. As I watched, she came back with a beak full of twigs, and started building more on her nest.

Here is the robin’s nest in the Birch tree, and the robin working on getting it just right with hay and twigs.


When I went to the front, I saw the woodpecker was back. He’s been a daily visitor, coming each morning to get seeds from the feeder.

The woodpecker getting seeds.

I went in the goose yard to fill their water buckets, and took a minute to check out the Big Burr Oak. My husband is convinced it’s dead because the geese stripped some of the bark. Look, the buds are swelling. I think the tree will be all right.


I checked the potatoes were growing in some big blue garbage cans, and they are starting to sprout.


When I went in the duck yard to give them their water, one of the ducks practically laid her egg on my boot. There was no fuss about it, she just mosey past, dropped her egg, and got a drink of water. When I picked it up, it still had the fluid on the outside of the egg, giving it a bit of a slimy feel. You don’t get fresher than that.

When I stepped out of the yard, I saw the flowers on the current bush. If the geese don’t eat them, we may have berries later on in the summer.

Their purple flowers make me think of lace hanging from the green leaves.

All of this reminded me there is joy in the little things. I just have to take the time to look.


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