Planting a Garden

I have a confession to make. It’s not a big one, nothing scandalous, I’m just admitting I’m not a good gardener. I like plants of all kinds, flowers, veggies, trees, etc., and every year my husband and I talk about how we’re going to plant, and we just never do. We get caught up with whatever thing happens to be going on, and forget about it. So, when we started talking about growing things this winter, I was thinking in the back of my brain we would talk, but not do.

This year, with the help of the homeowners insurance, who said we needed to clean up our yard, we actually got a garden in. I don’t know if anything will pop up, but at least we did more than talk.

This area used to be filled with rolls of chicken wire, a lawn mower we hardly ever used, old tarps, and an ancient lawn tractor. After clearing it all out, we saw we have a bare patch of earth that just needed a bit of tilling before planting. Last night, Dave went and hoed the rows, and today the kids and I planted. I planted seeds for winter and summer squash in the row closest to the wall. The next row has zucchini, after that there are leeks, beets, carrots, spinach, lettuce, and sweet peas around the border.
The couple times we’ve put in a garden, this is where we usually do it. We weren’t going to do anything this year, but Dave’s step dad loaned us his tiller, so Dave tilled it all up, the kids took out the grass clumps, and we’re slowly going to turn this into a hoop house.
We did decide to plant potatoes this year. So, in the middle of May I got seed potatoes for Yukon Gold and Purple potatoes, and we planted them in plastic garbage cans. They are coming along quite nicely.


My youngest son loves tomatoes. It’s too cold to plant them in the ground here, so I put the seeds in some old planters we had laying around, and put them in the porch. It’s south facing, and can get quite hot during the day. I also planted some bell pepper seeds. We’ll see what comes up.

One thought on “Planting a Garden

  1. If you’re interested in quick results, try arugula. It’s never failed me, but it has a short season and usually bolts before I eat much of it. Maybe that’s a good thing, considering you’re in Alaska.


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